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So I think I’m about halfway through Mother 3. On Chapter 7, which is the longest chapter, and after that is chapter 8, the final chapter.

Overall, I’m not sure how I feel about this game. It’s definitely interesting. it’s definitely similar to Earthbound in style and gameplay. Tonally, however… it’s very different.

Earthbound was quirky, surreal and strange, with a hint of reality baked in that fades away the farther you get into the game. It was known for its odd and amusing dialogue, its bizarre enemy designs, its wacky characters and settings, and a dreamlike sense of just accepting the constant off the wall stuff on your screen.

Mother 3 is only kind of like that. In Earthbound the game is somewhat grounded in a sense of “this is an RPG in a modern setting” up until Threed at which point it completely abandons that and takes you on a drug trip for most of the rest of the game.

Mother 3 definitely has the odd monster designs, the quirky characters and the amusing dialogue, but it doesn’t have that surreal feeling. What it has instead is depression. Realistic characters facing true to life problems and societal developments. Watching the result of a primitive village be infected by greed and how money transforms society. Watching what happens when a tight knit family loses one of its members.

It’s been a feel trip and I feel like I’ve still got a few stops to go before I’m going to be let off. It’s not what I expected from the game. I expected Earthbound 2: Electric Boogaloo. That isn’t what it is.

On the gameplay perspective of things I honestly preferred Earthbound’s UI. I liked not being taken to a menu screen when I used the menu. I liked the Dragon Quest-like context menu and dialogue box describing what happened in battles.

I also don’t like a new feature: musical battles. What it is is when you use a physical attack you can press the A button to the beat of the song and it gives you extra hits, up to 16 times. The game tells you this isn’t necessary to beat the game, but… It’s hard to argue with it causing your attacks to potentially do triple the damage they would have done otherwise.

It forces you to learn the beat of the song and it makes fights more time consuming. It’s a fun gimmick for a little while and I think I’d prefer it if the max number of extra hits was like 4 or something.

Another big difference is difficulty. Earthbound was very easy. Mother 3 is not. Mother 3 has a lot more AoE attacks and expects you to use strategy and status effects much more often.

I will probably finish it within the next two days and report back with my final feelings on it.

I don’t think we really needed four Fire Emblem reps, especially when Lucina is a Marth clone, but whatever Nintendo.

I’m starting to doubt Lucas is coming back, but I still harbor hope that we’ll get Ridley and K. Rool.

Been playing The Wolf Among Us.
It’s enjoyable, Telltale games generally are very enjoyable if you’re into what they’re about, but their whole premise does bother me just a little.
Telltale’s ‘adventure’ games, starting with The Walking Dead and continuing from there, are much more like interactive movies than adventure games. There’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re down for playing, but these have become the modern adventure game. I’ve never been a big fan of point and click adventures, but I’m sure there’s somebody out there who’s really upset that his favorite genre basically plays itself these days.
The Wolf Among Us is like an 80’s neon-noir murder mystery about fairytale creatures entrenched in a drug, sex and crime encrusted urban setting. It’s based on a DC Comic, as seemingly all  Telltale Games are based on existing material these days.
The protagonist is perfect. He’s the Big Bad Wolf, or “Bigby,” in human form who works as the town’s sheriff. He’s known for not doing things by the book and generally being a thug.
His voice acting is absolutely perfect for this kind of character and it’s someone I don’t think I’ve heard before, which, I dunno, I like hearing new voice actors. It gets real old hearing the same 10 VAs in every piece of media, which is why I guess I don’t like watching english anime dubs anymore.

I just finished episode 3 and shit is beginning to hit the fan. I think I’m seeing a pattern in these games— episodes 1-3 are setup (or filler) and episodes 4 and 5 tend to be really long and resolve the plot. That’s how it was in The Walking Dead anyway and I’m betting that’s what’s going to happen this time as well.

If you are interested in adventure games that have puzzles and allow you to walk around and ‘go on an adventure,’ here’s a few recommendations: Machinarium, Botanicula, Primordia, Gemini Rue, or hell go back and play stuff like Monkey Island and Sam and Max. Even Telltale’s Sam and Max games are pretty alright in this regard.

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